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If you don't take your vehicle to Performance Auto Body, it may never look the same again!

Believe it or not, there are many different ways to go about repairing a damaged vehicle.  Some shops make their money on sheer quantity, so they use the fastest repair methods available instead of the best available.  Performance Auto Body will never cut corners to get cars in and out faster.  We use the most advanced repair methods in the industry to make sure your car is repaired correct the first time and will last a lifetime. 

We start by assessing the damage to your vehicle.  We decide what is repairable and what needs replaced.  Most insurance companies will only pay for used or aftermarket replacement parts for your vehicle.  We always send our parts orders to our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts dealers first.  The dealers will review the order and can often sell us OEM parts at the aftermarket prices.  This means you will be getting genuine OEM parts from the manufacturer of your vehicle even though the insurance company is paying for cheaper aftermarket parts.  If the dealer cannot match the aftermarket price, then we are forced to use the parts the insurance company has paid for.  We make less profit on price-matched parts, but we will use them when available because we want your vehicle to be repaired with the best parts available. 

If the damage to your vehicle is repairable, our highly trained ASE certified technicians take pride in making sure it is repaired correctly.  Many shops will not take the time to properly repair the metal before spreading body filler over top of the damage.  This method will not last and the body filler will eventually crack through the paint and expose the panel to water and rust.  We offer a lifetime warranty on our repairs so we make sure we properly metal finish before using any body filler.  If you have a dent or crease in your vehicle, we will use a tool to pull the dent and bring the metal back to the proper contour.  We then spread a very thin layer of skim coat over the area to cover the tooling marks before priming and painting the panel.  This will ensure the repaired panel will last a lifetime.

The next step in the repair process is painting, and we use one of the best paint lines in the industry.  We use Glasurit 90 Line Waterborne Paint.  In addition to being a very high quality paint, it is more environmentally friendly than solvent based paint.  Waterborne paints emit fewer VOC's than solvent based paints do.  Our paint preparation process is equally important.  We do not mask around trim or handles, we remove them from the vehicle before painting.  Anything that is touching the surface of the painted panel is removed.  This allows the entire surface to be properly sanded so the paint will never lift off from a masked edge.  If you mask around anything on the panel, it leaves an edge for the clear coat to start peeling from.  All of our body panels are wet sanded with 3000 grit and polished after they have been painted as well to give them a factory smooth texture. 

The final step is getting your vehicle put back together.  Replaced body panels such as doors, fenders, and the hood usually require some adjustments to fit properly on the vehicle.  Instead of just bolting the parts on to the vehicle and calling it good, we take the time to adjust all the panels so that the gaps between the panles are even and symmetrical.  This is espicially important when we are forced to use aftermarket parts because they usually do not fit as well as OEM parts.  Aftermarket parts usually take a little more adjusting to get them to fit properly and display even gaps.  We take the extra time on your vehicle because we stand for quality at Performance Auto Body.  If you have any questions about our repair methods or would like anything demonstrated to you, stop by our shop and we will be more than happy to speak with you.